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The Purple Bike Man: A Short Story

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

This is the short story, The Purple Bike Man. This story will be distributed in parts and was written by Naava Dae. This document is the property of Naava Dae and upon illegal distribution, reproduction, editing, altering, or use, will be punishable by law. This is all the figment of Naava Dae's imagination. All of the characters, places, and events that take place in this story are fictitious, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, places, or events is purely coincidental. © 2019 by Naava Dae


She is indeed the most beautiful person I’ve come to know in my whole life. Her hair full and curly was slicked back into a large bun on the top of her head this morning, it’s color blue black like the sea. I prefer it out and flowy, but anything looks good on her really. Her skin was clear and bright in the tone of chocolate espresso, white teeth shining as she smiles at the cashier. She had an amazing smile since freshman year of high school, but today it seemed brighter against her wine lip. Or maybe it was the white dress shirt and navy business slacks bringing out her dazzling teeth. I wonder if she’s going to that new internship, she posted about last week. I mean, if she wanted to wear her outfit to class that’s cool; her toned body made anything look appropriate for any occasion. But it just seems a little overdressed at 8:34 on a cloudy Thursday morning and judging from the light makeup she applied to her face, I assume this is no ordinary occasion. She’s done ordering her usual- a medium coffee with a hazelnut shot light and sweet with a blueberry muffin, butter on the side- but she isn’t doing the little happy dance she usually does after placing an order. In fact, she looks tense now, nervously tapping her foot and smacking her phone’s screen demanding it to make her commands come true. She moved the phone from her face to her ear as she spoke, I don’t know to who. Her face focused on the ground as she kicked her heels in the nudges on the floor. She crossed one arm over her chest and looked around. Her food was taking longer than usual this morning and she didn’t have time to wait, she couldn’t be late.

I stared too long, now she’s looking at me. For a split second, although her face with confusion, she gave me a bit of attention before turning away. ME! I love moments like that. I’ve wanted her since high school, since we would sit on the bleachers watching basketball games and eating over priced concession stand popcorn. Well, she would sit with all her cool friends and I would watch on the side like the nerd who society advised shouldn’t look at girls like her, let alone fantasize about being with her. All through high school, I watched her change from an awkwardly shy girl to a boss like women. I was proud of her internally when she graduated. I went to the graduation and although I was upset she would be leaving, I knew she would do great things with her future. I remember working up the courage to tell her this that day; I remember her smiling at me as she showed her thanks for my compliment. She even fist bumped me before leaving to see her family. But that was so long ago it seems, now the love of my life was in college, a whole senior at that. She’s already thinking about graduate schools and is about to start working full time soon, hopefully if this internship “goes well”. I’m so proud of my girl!

Her food is here now. She grabbed the tiny brown bag and reached for the drink. Her hand grasped the cup, red nails tapping the sides as she walked towards the door. Now’s my chance, I must do this now…or maybe I should wait. She’s made the decision for me as she walked out the door. I guess it wasn’t the right time. But the right time was approaching soon. I been waiting for this moment since the time I first seen her. But soon it’s going to come true. All I know for sure is: Lila Archer, I will have you too...

Did you enjoy that so far? Come back Sunday night, April 14, 2019 at 8:15pm(ET) for Chapter 1!!

Copyright©Naava Dae 2019


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