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Meet Ndiya

Imagine: You are an athlete, a dancer to be exact. You are a dancer specializing in jazz, tap, and ballet. You attend dance classes every week to master and rehearse your movements to prepare for shows that will impact your career. You are involved in a mentorship program with the mission to help inspire girls to grow up and positively impact the community. You also are involved in your church choir and sing every other Sunday. In addition to all of this, you go to school full-time. Oh yeah, and you’re only eight years old!

This life is the reality for Miss Ndiya Holder, a third-grade dancer with a lot of personality. When Ndiya grows up, she wants to be able to help people any way she can. She wishes to be an entrepreneur and own a toy company and nonprofit charity, both to positively impact children. She also wants to be a veterinarian and help animals.

But what Ndiya really likes to do is dance. She taps across her dance studios floors and practices jazz spins with ease. To her, it all comes naturally. “I like to do dance because I am with my friends,” she says. She describes how she loves to learn routines and perform at her recitals.

Though she is young, Ndiya knows the significance of being successful. She defines success as, “Accomplishing something that you really want to do.” When working, she believes the three things that help with her success is having a plan, being focused, and using her imagination. She is putting these practices mostly in school.

“I’m successful in reading. In writing, I’m working on it,” she says between laughs.

Ndiya is living proof that excellence can come at any age. She is working towards her goals to be the best person she can be.

“I want people to remember that I am sweet, kind, and love God when they meet me.”

Please support the young people that are in your life. They have incredible stories and aspirations and do work hard to accomplish the dreams they set for themselves. And don’t forget Ndiya’s name. You will for sure be seeing her do amazing things in the future!

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