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Meet Hope

“All I ever needed was me and that’s how I want to be.”

When listening to the song, “Alone” the beat takes over your soul. 18-year old Hope Edward’s voice is serene as she sings her feelings, making you feel every emotion that pours through her lyrics. She switches from her singing to rapping with no effort. She hits ranges with her notes with ease. And her spirit captivates you. All in 2 minutes.

Hope is an indie artist from New York. She shares her art through her music and poetry underneath her stage name, Hope Daviincii or simply just Daviincii. Hope writes her own music and has already released songs, including her most popular track titled “Alone”. The soulful artist wants her listeners to receive the message that it’s important for everything to be spoken about. “All things need to be spoken about: from the peace, love, and happiness to those darker topics. It brings light to everything that happens in life. I want my music to do that.”

In addition to creating her own music, she is a college student studying business, music, and law. She wants to use these courses to start her own record label, creating opportunities for not only herself but other artists.

She is interested in pursuing multiple genres including R&B, calm indie rock, and hardcore metal rock. “I really am into the R&B chill vibes; I like the emotions that come from music like that. But I also like the Rockstar style. You know with the leather tights and platform boots. I really just like what I like.”

Hope’s early childhood played a big role in her becoming the artist she is today. In elementary school, she showed a strong interest in performing when she acted in lead roles in plays with her class. This love of performing led her to begin performing poetry and spoken word in front of audiences, and then later music through songwriting as a career.

“I was able to express myself in a linguistic and beautiful way. People loved me and at the end of each performance they remember who I am.”

Hope knows that she is going to find success through her authenticity as an artist. To her success is being able to live comfortably and achieving all the personal accomplishments one set for themselves. She uses her knowledge, musical talent, and networking skills to create an audience for herself and build her path to success. And though Hope is working to her success in her life, she knows that in her communities’ people are not able to get to the success they need for there lives.

“As a person of color, I see the oppression against our communities. I see the oppression against us; I feel our past experiences with being colonized is to blame for this. But it’s happening and it’s causing us not to unite. Colorism is still going on, black people out casting other black people is still happening!”

Hope believes that one way that communities of color can progress from this is by embracing black culture more. “We have to constantly embrace ourselves, our history, and our life. Empowering one another instead of degrading one another. We have to be on the same side.”

Hope is looking forward to being successful in the music industry and finding her financial soundness and freedom. She hopes to leave the legacy of being her own person and not conforming to society. “I don’t follow the status norms. I am being myself; I’m being different on purpose.”

To stream Hope's single Alone, click the link below:



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