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Meet Anthony

You open up your laptop. You turn on your phone screen. What is the first thing you do? Maybe you are scrolling through Instagram to see what your friends are doing. Or you might be answering that text message or phone call that you swore you answered hours ago. You might just be watching Tik-Toks, learning the dance moves to teach your friends later on.

But have you thought to start creating art using your favorite tech devices?

Digital art is a form of expression where creatives can use technology to make visual art. This is an important way to use your imagination and a unique way to inspire people around you. When 24-year old artist and designer Anthony McDonald opens his laptop, his creation begins to flow. As a visual artist, he was inspired by the freedom that digital art gives to his work.

“My characters are all really free and out of this world. I really just want people to feel that when they see my art. I want my art to promote individuality.”

Anthony’s career as an artist would begin as a child through his impactful environment. Growing up, Anthony experienced struggles due to his constant moving around. He was consistently met with harsh living themes including financial issues and housing problems. Through all this, Anthony still managed to strengthen his love for creating.

He began drawing as a kid and in high school, he took digital art and drawing technique classes. Anthony graduated from Purchase College where he was able to collaborate on projects with others on campus, network and create connections, and had opportunities to put his skills to work creating logos for clubs on his campus. “Going to Purchase really helped shape me as an artist because I was not only living in my own space, but I was creating with new people and learning more about my creative style,” he says.

As an independent artist, Anthony is working on creating more forms for his art to take shape in including stickers and logos. He is constantly working towards becoming successful in his art by staying consistent with his creating, making connections with other artists, and using resources for projects.

“I know I am successful when I am able to establish good goals and accomplish them. I’m working on that. It’s in progress, I’m on the right track,” he says through his smile.

While creating his art, Anthony notices some separation in communities of color both on social media and in reality. This divide can create negatives connotations about black communities where it truly shouldn’t be. He believes this divide is due to people’s different financial situations, perspectives on life, and just ignorance about things that happen around them. “We don’t have to agree with everyone, but we can coexist and build each other. Everyone is experiencing life differently; we need to support each other. Be a united force!”

Anthony wants to continue to motivate his audience by sharing his work and showcasing what he has accomplished. He plans to use his position as he continues with his art to give other artists opportunities to thrive as well. In addition to this, Anthony desires to expand to other areas of the world and further his personal opportunities; his plan is to leave his signature wherever he goes to create a legacy through his personal artistic style.

“I want to leave a little piece of me everywhere I go.”

To follow more on Anthony, check him out on Instagram at @mickey_ant ! and his art page at @antart_!

Also check out his Instagram and the poster below for more information on his upcoming art show!


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