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Meet Amoz

Hit the power button, watch the eye open.

The lens. The peephole into the soul. The body of the camera, its center of gravity, warmed by passionate palms, begins to shoot. The camera shutter, the lens aperture, and the image sensor are ready. The LCD screen is waiting. The rest is up to the imagination of the photographer.

When looking at 19-year-old Amoz Lewi’s photos, it’s very clear he has a vivid eye for detail. An innate focus, which follows with the ability to capture the intensity in his model’s eyes. The message he shows is clear in every picture he takes. His imaginative innovation to use different settings shows his creativity with every photo that only emphasizes his minds-eye. The way he uses angles and poses to show power in everything he captures, each image is just a small glimpse into this trendsetter’s world.

“My family is saturated with a lot of creatives, people who do videography and photography. The torch was passed on to me.”

The visual artist and photographer started taking pictures professionally in Summer 2016. He showcased his work during that time on social media. As his viewers began to develop, he began a brand around his photography, “Moz Photography” in 2017. He made his own photography page, invested in equipment, and began to take his hobby as a serious career goal.

“I started treating myself like a businessman because I realized that no one was going to take me seriously unless I put my foot down and made the efforts to establish myself,” he says.

Amoz is a native of Brooklyn, New York; here he received a lot of cultural inspiration for his content. He has interests in sports, movies, and a variety of music. His interest in all these things helped him narrow down his diverse interests into his passion for photography. “When I think about these things, all of those ties into who I am today and the content I create.”

Professionally, Amoz is proud of himself for still staying latched onto his dream. He commends himself on not staying stagnant with his work and allowing himself to evolve and change through his content. He wants to continue to create projects and build up his portfolio for his business, of course, while continuing his education toward a degree.

Though Amoz has a direction for his life, he knows that there are still struggles in his community. His ability to look at everything in a positive light helps him remain optimistic. “At the moment, it is what it is. Everyone has been through different things. You just have to keep going through life and just keep doing what you’re doing,” he says. He believes emphasizing support and humility can better communities around him.

Being successful is important to Amoz both in life and business. To Amoz, success is changing the world while acknowledging, growing and learning from your mistakes. To practice this, he makes sure to study and better his craft to ensure that his work is growing with him. Amoz also writes, listens to music, and views other art to help him stay motivated toward his success.

As he continues through life, Amoz wants to be remembered for his character. “I love helping people. I love making people feel good. I want to impact people’s lives.”

To follow more of Amoz, follow him on Instagram @chiefmoz

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/MozProductions/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTC8Quj26tS9UE7oaZjG0Gg


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