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Meet Alana

Art is beautiful.

Art is unique.

Art is inspiring.

Art is compelling.

Art is powerful.

Art is Alana.

Alana-Irene Govan, a 22-year old artist, model, and college student is creating her own path to inspire audiences using her words. Her goal: to positively influence others using perspectives that are relatable to all. She produces art both virtually and throughout her community, impacting all who interact with her.

Alana is using her opportunity and media platform to share her outlook on life with others. She is currently creating a website titled, “Things Interior” where she will share her experiences and thoughts through her heartwarming message. Viewers of her site can navigate through their own personal thoughts and emotions while reading hers.

When describing “Things Interior,” Alana says, “I want my work to promote individuality. It’s hard and takes time to find but once you find it, you feel powerful.”

Not only does Alana use media to share her art, but she is also motivating others through conversation. She participates in motivational speaking in high schools and programs designed to help guide young people. This shows her leadership, and the extension of herself that is a mentor for others. Hearing these young people’s experiences help encourage her to share her own stories and advice on life.

“All you need is one person to believe in you, I want to be that person for someone,” she says.

Alana’s positive attitude on life is inspired by the environment she grew up in. Alana was born and raised in Louisiana where she lived with her mother and brother before moving to New York for school. Her mother made sure to do right by her children and constantly showed strength and humility to motivate them.

Alana also was raised by her late uncle who she views as a strong father figure throughout her life. His appreciation for women, supportive family dynamics, and the power of using your voice to create change is something she will always remember about him.

“When he passed, I saw everyone in a different light. I learned to not take my family for granted,” she says. His love and support for her, in addition to the strength her mother taught her, is something that continues to encourage Alana in all aspects of life.

Alana sees stereotypes placed on her, not only by society but also as a black female artist. “It’s heartbreaking. Everyone acts for themselves. There are stigmas from black people against other black people, both men, and women.” She continues to speak on colorism, and it affects communities of color in many social areas including work, friendships, and even dating.

“It [stereotypes] are preventing black communities from being united,” she says.

But Alana knows that these prenotions can be changed. Changing the media narrative and portrayal of people of color is one step to reducing these negative ideas. “Show something else-representation for black communities should be more positive,” she notes. She intends on doing this with her personal writing to uplift the community.

Alana’s goals for her life as well as sharing her artwork is to explore the world of fashion journalism. In order to be successful in everything that she does, Alana knows that she has to constantly network herself and maintain positive and strong relationships. She also makes sure to practice good mental health strategies.

“Doing what I love, making my mom proud, that is success to me.”

Art allows the freedom to express yourself in ways that show both your creativity and individuality within the world around you. Through art, you not only get to impact the world, but you discover more about yourself and who you want to be. Alana wants to be remembered throughout her journey as someone who uses her art to speak her truth.

“I want to lift people up and touch their life. I want my words to be beautiful and powerful.”

To hear more news about Alana and “Things Interior”, follow her on Instagram at @uh_lana!


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