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Ending 2: Allen Chooses

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

This is the short story, The Purple Bike Man. This story will be distributed in parts and was written by Naava Dae. This document is the property of Naava Dae and upon illegal distribution, reproduction, editing, altering, or use, will be punishable by law. This is all the figment of Naava Dae's imagination. All of the characters, places, and events that take place in this story are fictitious, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, places, or events is purely coincidental. © 2019 by Naava Dae

“I’ll do it.”

Mr. Allen met my eyes with the same level of astonishment I had for myself.

A choice. He wants me to make a choice.

“Do what, what choice are you making?” He directed his attention to me, waiting for my response. Danella was looking back at me, her eyes soft but confused.

“I’ll be with you. I’ll stay with you. Bear the child that has been taken from you, but nothing more. And nothing less.” My voice trailed off. I couldn’t hear the words coming out of my mouth.

I only have one chance to make this work.

Mr. Allen chuckled deeply to himself, relaxing his stance at the podium.

“But you must let my friend go. I will pardon all my feelings, if she walks away safe.” I was now holding Danella, clutching on her as if releasing her would seal an untimely fate. This is going to work.

Mr. Allen approached where I was standing with Danella. He took a blade out of his pocket and began to cut her feet a loose, then her hands. I stepped back toward where his spot was at the podium, the spot where he left his gun. I held my eyes on him as he carefully undid the wraps around Danella’s mouth. I held my eyes on him as I quietly lifted the gun to my hands.

As the last covering was lifted off Danella’s mouth, I raised the gun.

“Danella m-.” I yelled.


Mr. Allen had the knife driven into Danella’s chest. He knew my plan.

I shot. He fell.

The plan didn’t work. Wrong choice.

I rushed to Danella, holding her shaking body in my hand. I dialed my phone and tried to calmly speak to the police. She was losing blood. They were too far. They say they are coming as quick as they can. I tell Danella to hang on just a while longer.

She clutched on to me.

She keeps saying she loves me.

She keeps saying she’ll miss me.

I tell her don’t speak like that.

I tell her it’s all going to be ok.

I try to look at her through the blurred vision my tears provide me.

Mr. Allen didn’t receive the same attention. He died instantaneous almost, hitting the stage on my first shot.


They didn’t make it.

The EMS truck arrived moments before the police. The workers in the truck trying desperately to revive an already dead Danella. My best friend was gone. I was numb. I couldn’t cry anymore. It’s my fault she’s gone.

I sat in the back of the EMS truck; a towel wrapped around my shoulders. Officer Cameron already questioned me; officer Bridge hugged me for what seemed like an eternity. I just sat there, overwhelmed by new life now.

The paramedics brought Danella’s body first. She was covered in cloth and pushed into the second truck that came. I moved for them to bring out Mr. Allen. His lifeless body was rushed into the truck in the same manner that Danella was moved. Only he did not receive emotion out of me. He received nothing but the same fate his daughter faced.

My nightmare was over. But my hell has only just begun.

Copyright©Naava Dae 2019


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