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Chapter 8

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

This is the short story, The Purple Bike Man. This story will be distributed in parts and was written by Naava Dae. This document is the property of Naava Dae and upon illegal distribution, reproduction, editing, altering, or use, will be punishable by law. This is all the figment of Naava Dae's imagination. All of the characters, places, and events that take place in this story are fictitious, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, places, or events is purely coincidental. © 2019 by Naava Dae

Walking into the auditorium, memories invaded my mind. Confusion combined with dim lighting guided my eyes. Fear led my feet. But rage was in my heart. I had enough of the nightmares, I was awake now.

Danella was sitting in the middle of the stage. Walking toward her state left me more disturbed by the steps. Her face was covered in bruises. Her mouth gagged with something I couldn’t make out. Her bounded arms struggled to reach out to me. Her eyes screamed the words her lips were prevented to say.

“I’m going to get us out, Danella I promise.” I took the steps to the stage and started to untie the rope around her mouth. She struggled, shaking her head no.

“I have to untie you Danella, why won’t you let…”

“I don’t think you want to do that Lila.” I turned to where the voice was.

In the director’s seat in front of the theater sat Mr. Allen. His hands folded in front of him, unphased by the corrupt scene he created. A gun perched between his legs as he stared at me. His smile, toothy and evil, chilled me, freezing me in the motion.

“You see Lila, your friend’s gag is saving her from her on demise. In her mouth is a tiny gas bomb I constructed which will release an intense form of the gas Sarin. If you don’t remember from science with Mr. Patrick, you know the class Noelle and you shared, that is one of the deadliest gases known to man. The formula is concentrated enough to kill your friend within minutes of inhaling. You want to see your friend die- “

“-You’re bluffing.” My voice shook the room. “Leave her out of this, whatever this is- “

“-you know what this is bitch- “

“-it’s between you and I! She has nothing to do with this. Let her go, I’ll do whatever you want. Just please let her go.” I tried to keep my voice level.

He unfolded his hands and picked up the gun. His tall frame was intimidating. He looked me down then slowly back up. I felt him analyze me, like cattle, like meat, pausing at my breasts and then again at my lips. Then he got to my eyes.

“You have the same color eyes as Noelle. Brown and bright and sad.” He walked over and caressed my face. Tilting his head, he walked around me.

“Here’s what we are going to do.” He bent to look Danella in the eyes and then brought his attention back to me. “You are going to be given a choice.”

A choice.

“What do you mean a choice?” I matched the intensity in his eyes.

“Yes, a choice. Because I believe in democracy and being fair.” He paced the stage. “You will either bear the child you took away from me or you will die with your friend, here.”

Two options. That’s all he gave me.

“The choice is yours, my dear.”

Tune in Thursday for the pick your own ending to the Purple Bike Man. You pick the choice, you choose your ending and epilogue. Thursday, May 23...don't miss it.

Copyright©Naava Dae 2019


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