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Chapter 7

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

I watched her leave the coffee shop.

I watched her get in her car, her beat up hatchback.

I watched her reapply her lipstick in the car’s rear-view mirror.

Her frantic face made her look more beautiful.

She was the perfect candidate. Yes, she was it.

She would save me. She would bring Noelle back to me.

I checked my phone, making sure the number she mentioned was still there.

After all these years, I finally have her where I need her.

In due time everything will make sense and be fine and…

No! What are you saying you need this now; you want her now.

You’re right I want this now. I can’t wait…I can’t

I had to skip the plan, I desired this now.

I got up out my seat, she was already pulling away.


That’s alright, we made it this far. You’ll reunite with her soon.

Soon Allen, not today.


Message sent.

I watched her face fill with horror.

She’s looking around, frantic.

She was trembling, pulling on her sleeves.

Dropping the phone, picking it up again.

“Hi yes is this the University Police…”

She believes they will save her, how naïve of her.

She had her head in her hands, then she would pick them up.

Look over her shoulder, out the side window.

Oh Lila, if only you’d look right in front of you.

I passed her table her hands in her head, eyes shut.

I was so close to her, her hair smelled tropical.

She was so delicate looking.

Motherly looking, motherly looking.

Do it now, Allen!

No don’t do it yet, shut up Allen.

A laugh escaped my pursed lips as I made way for the stairs.

“Professor Cooper…yes hi it’s Lila…”

I wonder why she chose to call him.

It’s not like she’s going to be doing her project or anything.

Soon Allen, not today.


I knocked on the door.

The roses were already in front of theirs.

“Hello, who’s there…”

“Hi, Ma’am. I’m a friend of Lila Archer, I believe she lives next door to you- “

“-oh yes Lila, such a sweet girl. Her and little Danella, such sweet girls.”

“Yes, they are- “I looked at the women’s frail body.

She looked like she could break with just one push of this door.

Yes, push the door Allen, we can use her home for the deed.

Uh-uh Allen, it has to be done at Meadows, it has to be done there. She must remember.

“How can I help you son?”

The woman was still in her doorway, the door opened just enough to see her small lips.

The bolt was on the door, it wasn’t worth it.

“Could you tell Lila, her old friend from Meadows Prep High School stopped by. Tell her I’ll see her soon for me.”

That’s all.

“Wait, who are you? You never told me who you were” her voice faded out.

Soon Allen, not today.


They been in the house all day.

The cops have been far gone.

Oh wait, something is happening.

She’s leaving the house.

Soon Allen, not today.


Oh, why would Lila let you leave the house by yourself?

She turned the corner.

I memorized the route she took.

Just wait Allen…two more seconds and she’ll be right…


“Leave me alone.”

She screamed; my arm curled around her neck.

She struggled, I pressed in harder.

Go to sleep, go to sleep.

“Leave me al- “

She’s sleeps now. I waited five minutes before picking her up and laying her in the back seat of the car.

I had Lila’s phone.

Let’s wait.

Allen it’s almost time.


She pulled into the parking lot.

She wasn’t afraid which was fine.

I didn’t want her to be.

Finally, my Lila.

Finally the day is here.

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