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" I love writing. I find myself the happiest when I am writing and creating new content in its various forms. Thank you for taking the time to share this part of my journey with me."- Naava Dae

Welcome to The Naava Dae, a unique site here for you to explore! Naava Dae offers many forms of content to inspire your best self-including the newest blog series the Dae Project 2020. With a goal to inspire there is something here for everyone to enjoy.



The Dae Project 2020

The Dae Project is a series designed to share the stories of artists, professionals, and athletes of color.

The Purple Bike Man Series

Lila Archer's life is great: a new job, great friends, and about graduate school. Everything is perfect...except someone is after her and is determined to find her. Follow Lila as she tries to uncover who is the Purple Bike Man!

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